Not many people know this...

But choosing a profitable product from the Clickbank marketplace to promote involves more than it's gravity score.

It also depends on the effectiveness of the salesletter to convert visitors into customers and as we will be discussing today it also involves commissions, cost and continuity.

It is important that you take all of these factors into consideration before you choose a product to promote.

After all you will be investing time, energy and possible advertising dollars to promote the product properly.

As part of your criteria you will want to consider these things :


What is the commission?

As an affiliate, you should try to find products that offer a commission of at least $20 per sale.

Anything below that amount usually isn't worth your time and effort to promote heavily.

Especially if you are planning on spending advertising dollars to promote it. While there are exceptions to this rule depending on what market you are in, it is a good guideline to add to your criteria.

Keep in mind that it will take just as much effort to market a low priced product as it will to market a higher priced product.

You will find products in the Clickbank marketplace that range anywhere from few dollars to hundreds of dollars.

The key is to find one that meets your criteria and fits well into your overall marketing strategy.


How much does the product cost?

This is important because if the price is set too low not only mean less profits for you it often leads the customer to believe that the product is of little or
no value to them.

On the other hand, prices set too high can have an impact as well, because it can prevent interested customers from making an immediate purchase.

If they have to take time to think about making the purchase chances are they will leave the site and never return.


Continuity is another factor that you may want to consider.

In addition to commission and cost, another thing you may want to consider are products with continuity.

Continuity products are ones that offer a monthly membership program to their customers.

These are often a great addition to your product line up because they will pay you commissions on a regular basis, usually monthly.

They make very nice back end offers as well.

Often these products offer a lower commission rate however the fact the you will be earning a residual income from them means that you have the potential of making far more over time.

Just like with other products, it takes the same amount of effort to market a product with continuity, so make sure that it meets your other criteria for
profitability as well.

As you can see it take a little bit of time and research when it comes to choosing profitable Clickbank products to promote.

But, by taking the time to choose the right product you will save yourself from wasted time, effort and money promoting products that just don't sell.

When it comes to choosing profitable products you need to decide on the best criteria for your business, that includes the proper gravity, a good salesletter, nice commissions at the right price.

If you can match up all the factors in your criteria then you can be confident that you've chosen a good product to promote.

All that remains then, is to promote, and profit!

Author :
Jo Han Mok is the #1 International bestselling author of the E-Code. Follow his simple step-by-step plan that can take you from ground zero to having fat commissions deposited into your Clickbank account automatically, every single day for the rest of your life!


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