Here's an inside look into how Internet users feel about links that look like this ==>

(1) The Internet Newbie who is not as familiar with the Internet may be downright intimidated by an ugly affiliate link. They can't tell from the URL what site they're going to. And they may think it's a virus!

(2) The Internet Savvy avoid clicking on ugly links like these... because it's a sure sign that they are about to be sold something. And people do NOT like to be sold.

(3) The VERY Internet Savvy (the unethical ones!) know something that maybe you don't even know. An affiliate link like the one above can be easily modified to give the commission to someone else... and NOT you!

Marketers who have made the switch to Covert Affiliate Links have seen an INSTANT increase in sales (and their commissions are no longer stolen).

Stop Losing Sales And Super Charge Your Profits By 433% or More...With Just A Few Minutes Of Your Time!

Switching your links to safe, non-threatening links that can't be modified takes just a few minutes with this simple software. So you'll stop losing commissions and earn more clicks with every affiliate offer you promote.

Check out these screenshots of this amazingly easy-to-use software..

Step #1: fill out a simple form and hit "Submit"

Step #2: Copy and paste your new link into your promotions

Step #3: Track your links with affiliate commissions being tracked and thus, boost your click-thrus and sales...Covert Affiliate Links lets you track visitors for multiple campaigns. You'll know how many clicks your links receive for all your promotions.

Download your Covert Affiliate Links, Promote your "Coverted" Links And Profit Like MAD!


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