Affiliate Genie is built for serious affiliates who want targeted, cash-spending visitors and high conversions without wasting time on things like HTML, script management, page formatting and so on.

Key Product Review Features:
• Easily creates unlimited product reviews
• Built-in star rating system with professional graphics

• Create "buyer content" fast. Our default product-review template (which is optional and totally customizable) makes it super easy to create product-focused content ultra-fast...
• Easily add product images or videos
• Advanced users can easily add their own HTML code, scripts and so on to the product review page - all from within the web based editor!

Key Profit-Boosting Features:

• Easily create a "Featured Promo" that displays your main offer in the most critical, visible area of any page!
• Complete creative freedom! Our open-ended HTML system allows you to display virtually any type of creative as your feature promo.
• Centralized & sitewide offer management - No messing around changing your offer on a "page by page" basis. Even if you build sites that are hundreds of pages deep, you can easily change, edit or modify your Featured Promo instantly and sitewide...
• This approach is proven, consistent & will always work - There is a reason why a "top fold" ad in the newspaper costs exponentially more than one lower down the page...
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Key SEO Features:

• Strong, Automatic On-Site Optimization - Every time you create a new page, product review or article, our system ensures that you enter a title tag, description tag and a few relevant keywords.

• Creates Sites With SEO-Friendly "ShortURL" Page Links - On hosts that support PHP 5+, Affiliate Genie will automatically transform the dynamic page links into "shorturl" direct links, which gives you that extra "indexing boost" in Google...
• Automatically Creates RSS Feeds & XML Sitemaps - For the advanced users, the benefits of these functions are a no-brainer.

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• Built-in Social Bookmarking Functionality - For additional search engine visibility over time, we've included "easy access" one-click bookmarking, where your visitors can share your page/site with others.

If you've got good content, this can be very powerful and help to cement your rankings.

The benefits for Affiliate Genie is so much more but are you ready for STEP 1 of the Full-Time Formula?

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This web-based site builder *specifically* creates ultra-professional,High-Converting Article, Conduit Method and Product Review Affiliate Websites set up Quickly And Easily....and it's MUCH SIMPLER and EASIER to use than Wordpress.

This is for beginners, intermediates and veterans alike.And it's an actual game-changer for anyone who's had trouble creating sites that actually look "pro", polished or trustworthy.

Affiliate Genie creates dynamic sites with tons of profit-focused options, interactive elements and so on - and it doesn't even need a database to run.

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