Recently I joined a free membership site called Killer Preseller. The site provides free landing page templates that you can use to promote specific ClickBank products.

Why use landing pages?

One of the biggest mistakes newbie affiliates make is linking directly to an affiliate merchant’s website without creating their own landing page. By doing so you allow your page to rank in the search engines for valuable keywords that would otherwise not be possible through direct linking.

Not only that but when it comes to advertising through pay-per-click, Google will see that your site is highly relevant and will reward you with low cost-per-clicks and a high quality score allowing you to get the most out of your clicks!

With these reasons alone it makes perfect sense to have a landing page for your affiliate campaign. Not only are you keeping the search engines happy, you’re ‘pre-selling’ your visitors.

Assuming you do a good review of the product, covering the good points, bad points, and giving an unbiased opinion you will gain the visitor’s trust as they know exactly what to expect and will be more inclined to buy.

What makes a good landing page?

A good landing page needs to flow nicely and not scream ‘buy me’ like a sales page does. But at the same time it must pre-sell the visitor for the offer ahead, and get them off your landing page. The Elite templates in Killer Preseller have a very nice feel to them with a clean design and large page breaks throughout to keep the reader’s attention. Outbound links are added every so often to ensure that your visitor eventually clicks through your link. Even the free templates are well designed, concise and straight to the point.

Next you will need excellent copy. If you don’t know your niche or the product for that matter it will show and may deter your visitor. Again the templates in Killer Preseller are of high quality with every detail about the product covered, from the contents, who it’s right for, whether or not it’s worth your time, and a over-all scoring system.

Do I need to know what I’m selling?

Super affiliates are always picky about what product they promote and will go a long way into researching it if it’s worth their time. It makes sense to know what you’re selling and if you want to go the extra mile, you should buy the product beforehand and review it yourself. Fortunately, when you join Killer Preseller they will have already bought the product and fully reviewed it. If you choose to go Elite you also get the advantage of video presentations which are a huge advantage especially if you’ve never touched video before or too camera shy to create your own.

How Much Can I Make As An Affiliate?

How much you make is entirely dependent on your drive and skill level. If you want to promote a ‘lose weight’ product for example, and just upload your landing page and do nothing, you’re not going to see much in the way of results. You’d be lucky to even get a sale.

However, if you choose to follow their instructions and promote your landing page through article submissions, software submissions, press-releases social networking, social bookmarking, forums and more then it becomes worth your time.

Most affiliate products pay 75% commission and include up-sells in their sales funnel. One of the Elite templates that I got hold of promotes a Forex product and the 3 sales from this morning have already earned me $268 in commissions!

So Is It Worth Joining?

Without a doubt, yes! Not only are they handing out free landing pages for you every month, but you’re getting the research done so you know which niche is profitable and which product within that niche is a good earner. You also have the chance to upgrade to Elite and that gives you higher quality templates with 2 video presentations, more content, an opt-in box and a professionally site template which is definitely worth it in my opinion because you can make your money back with 1 commission sale and build your own list of buyers!

Where To Go?

Sign up for a free account now at to grab your templates! You’ll have to hurry though, I believe they are shutting the doors soon to limit the amount of people using their templates.

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