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I've been getting a number of recurring questions from my subscribers about Affiliate Power Videos and instead of answering them 1 by 1, I thought it would be better to put my answers here in this mail.

Chances are you probably are asking about this too so I hope this helps...

>>>>> QUESTION: You said that the Silver membership access is free. Is it REALLY free? Are there any hidden fee or costs?

ANSWER: Yes, the membership access is free for a lifetime (life of membership). This is NOT a trial membership and obviously, there's no 'force continuity' or any of those gimmicks.

>>>>> QUESTION: Do I need to be technically savvy to be able to use Affiliate Power Videos?

ANSWER: As long as you have basic computer skills and know how to point and click, and upload files to your web host, you can easily set up your own Affiliate
Video Squeeze Pages in minutes.

>>>>> QUESTION: Do I need to pay to join the affiliate programs that Affiliate Power Videos recommend?

ANSWER: No, Affiliate Power Videos choose affiliate programs on the merits that not only have they been tried and tested, the affiliate programs must be readily available to be joined at no charge.

I hope this answers the questions and doubts most people are having about Affiliate Power Videos.

The reason I'm reminding you again about this is because I strongly believe in what it can do to help you with your affiliate marketing efforts, and that is why I'm fully backing it.

As you probably already know, affiliate marketing is a proven, lucrative business model and with videos, it simply gets *BETTER*.

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