During this recession, if you like to earn instant income through internet, Blogging and Affiliate Marketing are the two proven ways of making this dream possible.

>> Blogging is the concept of starting a Word press blog or Blogger blog and monetizing with the best options like Google Adsense.
>> Affiliate marketing is the concept of promoting other people's products and earning a commission from these merchants.

Blogging is a fun filled experience if you have good writing skills.It will turn as a money machine if it is properly monetized.You can sell your own products through your blog, you can insert advertisements from Google Adsense, you can write sponsored posts. This will take time and patience to build a blog and attract traffic.So,it has a setup time before you can start receiving checks from Google Adsense or any other sponsors.It qualifies to be a way of earning through internet.But it cannot be considered as a instant internet income option.

In affiliate marketing, you will join affiliate programs and promote them with various marketing methods like article marketing, forum marketing, PPC marketing and classifieds marketing.Once you accumulate your earnings to a pre-defined limit, you can be qualified to receive checks from the merchants or affiliate networks like Commission Junction and Clickbank.com. Again, this route also proves to be a way of earning income through internet and this also cannot be considered as instant internet income option since you have to wait for monthly commission checks to come in.

What is the best of earning instant internet income?

Well.You have a specialized route through affiliate marketing itself.There are many affiliate programs which will pay you instantly.When a sale is made, you will get your affiliate commissions directly in your PayPal account without having to wait for 2 weeks (in the case of Clickbank). For example, if a merchant pays 7 USD as your commission and you make 10 sales per day, you will get 70 USD per day in your PayPal account without any waiting.It will appear in your PayPal account and will be available for you to take out and spend.

How to find these specialized instant paying affiliate programs? You can search through the internet or you can buy a directory of these instant PayPal commission affiliate programs.The second option will save your time and energy.You can just join these affiliate programs,

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start promoting and make the instant internet income dream possible.

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