Are you making sales for your affiliate products but then having to wait weeks or even months before getting paid or... do you get paid immediately as if you were selling your own product?

Well the waiting is over!

I don't want you to think that I'm trying to tell you to stop promoting all of your current Affiliate Programs. I am not saying that at all.

That would be silly.

I mean you already have your campaigns set up and running and the commissions are trickling in every month, right?

Just keep doing all of those things unless they're not getting any results of course.

What I am presenting to you here is very simple. It's a way for you to supplement your monthly commissions with some daily, instant commissions. That's right I said daily.

If you make a sale daily then you get paid daily. It's really that simple but from my experience you will not make a single sale daily... you'll make numerous sales daily and that equals numerous commission payments daily!

Here's all you need to get started earning Instant Commissions :

1.Paypal Account - if you don't have one you can get one here - PayPal - Get the FREE business account because it allows you to receive more benefits than the personal account.

2.Promotion Campaign - You need some form of advertising such as a website, email list, safelist, free classified ads or whatever type of advertising you currently use to promote affiliate programs. Here are 3 FREE Sitesthat I used.

3.Instant Pay Affiliate - Get 200 Instant Paypal Commission Affiliate Programs and you will have 200 Instant Pay Affiliate Programs to choose from... or promote them all if you can. :)

That's all you need in a nut shell, to get the 200 Instant Paypal Commission Affiliate Programs up and running for you.

Just think, you could literally be making sales and getting paid just hours from now.

If you have a mailing list then you can easily sign up for one of these programs, get your affiliate promotional materials, send out a mailing to your list and you are practically guaranteed to make a sale or 2 within hours.

Download 200 Instant Paypal Commission Affiliate Programs and you're set.

It really is that easy.


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