You know it's crazy to see how much money is being spent on Google Adwords...and time and time again I see folks cranking up bid prices sending traffic to a sales page or presell page with no option for the visitor to leave their details.

Now for some folks, all that is important is the sale.

Sadly, direct response marketing (where you require someone to hand you cash on their very first contact with you) requires extremely targeted traffic and a very powerful sales letter which converts at a high rate.

It's a bit like meeting someone in a bar, then asking them to marry you at the end of the night.

Human beings just don't work that way, and they'll never buy from you if you treat your marketing in the same way.

In other words, it's far better to build a relationship first...

Besides, there's actually a limit on the amount of targeted, ready to buy traffic that is out there.

And to add to that, high converting sales letters don't come cheap or easy in many cases.

So there's a limit to how much of this "meet in a bar and get engaged before the lights come on" type of marketing you can really do online.

To reach more people and make more sales, the smart marketers capture email addresses and build enough trust in their email marketing so that the sales
letter doesn't have to be so super duper and fancy.

And by sending out emails to their subscribers, they also presell (warm up) the prospect......which means you can target all kinds of folks who initially were NOT ready to buy your stuff, and gradually move them towards buying your stuff over a short period of time.

It can be tricky though, and without the right knowledge you could end up wasting time building a list that doesn't buy from you, or even worse - you could end up struggling to get people on your list in the first place.

Just like romantic relationships, email marketing can be a confusing tightrope without the right guidance.

So instead of wasting money, time and energy on traffic that doesn't buy from you and certainly never comes back, it's time to start getting people's details and get your email marketing done the right way.

And when you do, you'll see that you don't have to continue to spend money on advertising, because your traffic is right there waiting for you!

But there's a few things you should know about building a list which could make or break your business.

Find out what they are, and how to get a ton of traffic and subscribers all in one simple process. Click HERE.

Not only will you see how you can easily build a list of 10k of buying traffic, but how to GET the traffic and how to SELL to your subscribers the right way...WITHOUT having to constantly stress over advertising costs!


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