This is your official notice that something absolutely insane is taking place on June 11th 2009 at 9AM EST...

A couple of rogue "ClickBank killers" by the names of Jerome Chapman and Jason Mangrum are going to unleash a dangerously powerful new web site onto the world wide web...

You can see HERE right now just can't get in, yet. ;-)

They're mad as hell at the industry at large,and sick of overpriced, mediocre ClickBank courses that fill your head with nonsense.

There's a BIG reason why only a handful of folks are making a killing using ClickBank,and it's mostly because the other guys are hiding their BEST secrets from prying eyes.

If you knew what THEY know... you'd be making a killing and they'd have a lot more competition!

I can't stress this enough... you NEED to see this if you market anything online, or ever plan to sell even a single product on ClickBank.

You get ALL their blueprints *plus* new ones each and every month to stay AHEAD of even the most cutting-edge ClickBank affiliates.

Go HERE and sign up for the Early Bird list.

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