Marketing Mastermind is a Free Web 2.0 Community for Internet marketers. You get the connectedness of social networking sites, the content of top Internet marketing courses, and the support and help of volunteer marketing Experts...all in ONE.

All the Features of Top Social Networking Sites...

* Create and update your profile
* Design and start your own blog
* Make and accept friend requests
* Instant message and real-time chat
* Upload and share your photos and videos
* Form and join groups and setup events
* Post announcements & product launches
* Rank other members' posts and content
* Create and participate in member polls
* Update your Twitter status from inside Marketing Mastermind
* Invite all of your Facebook, LinkedIn, Orkut, Hi5, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, or AOL friends with 1-click

Combined with Internet Marketing Content and Support...
Add In Some Fun with Cool Features

You never need to feel alone, stuck in neutral, or like you're on the outside looking in again...

You can build relationships with other marketers, setup new joint ventures, build the buzz about your new projects, get solutions to your toughest challenges, keep your finger on the pulse of the industry, and most importantly...

Join Marketing Mastermind now and be successful and have fun.


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