Have you ever wondered how Internet marketing experts send out a single email and make enough money to buy a car?

It's a little silly when you think about it. Sounds too good to be true. For most people, it is too good to be true. But not when you have the "secret weapon" those experts don't tell you about. If you had it, you can reproduce their results without breaking a sweat.

That secret weapon is a buyer list.

Most people think that a big mailing list is the secret to wealth. It really isn't. What really counts is the quality of the people on your list, and by that I mean, do they buy when you send out an email?

If they don't, they're just sitting there. It wouldn't matter if you had a million people on your list. No buyers means no business.

So if you want to know the "secret" to making money online, it's having a list of people who willingly hand over money when you invite them to. It's never been more complex than that.

What stands in the way of most people reaching that goal is not knowing how to build a list of buyers. You can cram a list full of subscribers, but then all you have is a big list. Will they buy? Probably not, and most marketers know that they get only about 1-2% response when they send out an email.

That's not bad if your list is huge, but what if you could send an email to a list of 2,500 people and get 10% of them to buy? That's 250 sales for you!

Now, which do you think is easier...getting 25,000 people on your list and hoping that one-percent buy so you can get your 250 sales, or getting 2,500 buyers on
your list who buy like crazy whenever you email?

Surprisingly, getting those 2,500 buyers is actually easier. And to tell the truth, most people with massive lists don't even get 1-2% response when they email. It's more like 0.05%. That means you'd have to kill yourself to build a list of 500,000 people to get those 250 sales. No, thanks.

Remember, quality counts more than quantity for most things, certainly for mailing lists. If you'll focus your efforts on getting buyers to join your list,you'll be far better off. Pretty soon, you'll have your own six-figure stories to tell.

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