I just got to take a look at the newest package from BigResaleRights.com and wanted to post my honest opinion here about the products.

First off there is no one better to create products than Liz Tomey. Liz can kick out in demand products in just about any niche like no one I have ever seen before! She truly has a natural gift, and we are all lucky because her gift makes us money!

The current package being offer consists of 5 brand new never before seen master resell rights products that Liz has literally JUST launched!

The products are...

1. "Freebie Seeker Fun" which is an ebook.
2. "My Copy Coach" which is an ebook and audio product.
3. "Profit Pulling Toolbars" which is a software product. (Can you say CHA CHING!)
4. "Traffic Assistant Training" which is a video product.
5. "Turning Traffic Into Cash" which is another ebook and audio product.

These products are absolutely HOT products!

Each comes with a ready to go sales letter, download page, graphics, etc. I'm talking the whole "kit and kaboodle" here! You literally get everything you need (including training) to set these products up and start making money!

A few things I didn't like though...

I'd like to see some come out that are in niches other than the Internet marketing niche though. The "Freebie Seeker Fun" is out of that niche, but I'd like to see some health related, self help, sports, etc.

I asked Liz about this, and she said that future packages will have more niche products in them, so do keep on the look out for these packages.

Now one thing I like and dislike is that Liz is limiting this package to only 500 people. That seems like a lot, but think about it this way.

500 people buy this package, right? The sad truth is only about 5% will even do anything with it. So that's 25 active people. Of that 25 MAYBE 5 of them will market the products right, so you're actually looking at only 5 people having this package and actively doing something with it.

I have to give this package 5 stars though because...

1. The products are amazing
2. They are in hot niches
3. You get everything you need to start making money
4. Liz even teaches you how to make money with them

You simply can't find a better package of resell rights products around, and I highly recommend you act quickly and get your package before all 500 of them are sold.

Download the PACKAGE HERE Now before it is gone for good.


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