We discussed what ClickBank is, and the basic numbers involved. Surely you are beginning to see that there is considerable possibility here...

In this lesson, we will take you though how a ClickBank transaction takes place with respect to links, cookies, and other good stuff. You will see the steps and measures taken at ClickBank to be sure that the right person gets credit for any affiliate sale, and that cheating is minimized.

Let's get to it.

Normally, when a ClickBank affiliate sends you to his site by whatever means (banners, etc.), he has employed what is called a "hoplink".

This is a "jumping step" that is embedded in a URL created by ClickBank to connect affiliates with a vendor's products when a sale is taking place.

A hoplink can look a couple of different ways :

1. The original hoplink looks like this :

2. The new hoplink looks like this :

Both take the shopper to the vendor's product sales page, and ensure the affiliate gets credited for the commission, should a sale result from the shopper's visit.

The hoplink accomplishes 2 things :

1. It allows the ClickBank server to put a "cookie" in the prospective ustomers computer that has the affiliates nickname in it; and

2. It sends them to a "redirect page", or "landing page", which is simply the page that the vendor wants them to see first.

By setting this "cookie", ClickBank is making sure that the referring affiliate gets the sales commission for it.

The "cookie" is just a tiny text file in the visitor's computer that has this information stored on it. It is unobtrusive when used in this fashion.

The only possible drawback to the hoplink, is that it limits where the visitor can be sent to the redirect page on record at ClickBank.

Did You Know :

At 1stPromotion, we have developed a simple method that allows our store owners to send customers to any page, or any product category or listing while still employing the security of the hoplink.

We also check EVERY transaction to make sure the person trying to get the commission from a sale is a valid member in our super-fast database. If they are not members, they get "spat out" of the system immediately. ONLY 1stPromotion members can benefit from any of the 1stPromotion utilities or resources.

So, with the hoplink system developed by ClickBank, 1stPromotion built-in security
measures, and the ability to send a customer to any product, category, or listing using the hidden hoplink, I think you will agree that your efforts and commissions are safe.

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