As an affiliate, you always need to make sure your links work correctly - because there's a lot of different scripts and technologies behind different affiliate programs - and these can affect the working of your affiliate tools.

Although all the different affiliate tools can safely be used on most affiliate links, there are problems with some affiliate programs.

As a result, many affiliates currently using solutions other than Affiliate Software Pro are actually losing a significant chunk of their commissions without realizing it.

However, with the special tester tool built into Affiliate Software Pro, you can instantly check each affiliate link automatically.

The tool will tell you whether there are any underlying issues with the link, what weapons you can safely use with that link - and what weapons you should avoid.

If you're technically minded, the tool can also provide a full analysis of any affiliate link, including a full explanation of why problems can arise with it.

This powerful tool helps to safeguard your commissions against any technology related problems, making sure you always get paid every single cent that you're entitled to.

With Affiliate Software Pro, you'll have a single administration page - packed with powerful features - maintaining, tracking and analyzing all the information for all your links...

1. Easily Create New Links
2. Easily Administer All Your Affiliate Links
3. Track Every Affiliate Link Automatically
4. Track Pay-Per-Click Campaigns On Autopilot

Promoting affiliate programs is one of the best solutions for generating an income online. There's no customer support, no hassle and no risks. Just send people to a website and automatically get paid lucrative commissions on every resulting sale.

BUT with so much money available for so little effort, lots of people are now jumping on the affiliate bandwagon - all fighting for the same commissions.

That's why you need an edge in the affiliate marketing war ...and there is nothing better anywhere on the Internet than Affiliate Software Pro.


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