Some people online wish they could make money without having to create their own product.But, most of them don't realize that you can absolutely do that by becoming a master affiliate marketer and promoting other people's products.

This is actually one of the coolest and easiest ways you could ever make money on the Internet. You just get a special affiliate link from a vendor,send traffic to it and then you get paid for every sale you generate.
It's actually a pretty genius concept and many people are taking advantage of its ease of implementation.

Does promoting other people's products and becoming a highly respected super affiliate sound like something you're interested in?

If so, I'm going to tell you about a way of making money without your own product that is extremely easy to do. Best of all, you don't need to be super rich or spend tons of your time just to get involved with something like this.

However, as an affiliate marketer, you need to AVOID these mistakes in order to make better sales and fat commissions :

Long and Nasty URL's

Now you can turn :

This :

Into This :

Or This :

Into This :

b) Not Measuring Your Traffic

c) Lack Of Centralization Of Your Affiliate Program Information

d) Losing Money By Not Conversion Crunching

e) Letting Other People SEE & REPLACE Your Affiliate ID!!!

It's called commission hijacking !

What this means is a "would be" customer (a visitor you sent to a site through your affiliate link) sees that an affiliate ID is present in the URL and then replaces it with their own !

That means that you don't get paid a cent and THEY get the commission their own purchase screwing you and getting the product for half price.

This is Your Affiliate Link :

This Is Your HIJACKED Affiliate Link :

What a rip !

That is why you need to be using this ARD Link:

If you aren't preventing this, you could very well be losing upwards of 35% of your total affiliate sales! Yikes!

f) Not Having "At A Glance" Monthly & Yearly Statistics To Quickly Look At

On top of tracking your visitors and your traffic you also need to be able to spot trends.

g) Jumping Into The Affiliate Marketing Game Blind Without A Plan

You need to have a system you can follow, even if it's just a simple one that lays out exactly what you need to do to get started

SO, what can solve these problems ?

Affiliate Redirector features are :

a) Detailed Affiliate Intelligence -
You are going to be able to see exactly how much traffic you are sending to any link while tracking sales, conversion and tons of other things at a glance. Best of all you can make "pretty URL's" out of those old ugly affiliate URL's as well as stop commission thieves dead in their tracks!

b) A Centralized "Clutter Free" Affiliate Module - This is probably this biggest life and time save an affiliate marketer could ever have. You will easily be able to locate your affiliate login URL's, usernames, passwords, affiliate program owner contact information all at the click of a button WITH your affiliate URL's! Talk about easy!

c) Full Training Manual Included - To top everything off you are going to get a manual that is going to get you started fast as an affiliate marketer even if you've never promoted anything as an affiliate before. You even get super fast tutorials on how to use the software!

The Special Launch Price! Only $27.00 is very reasonable for all the features above and can actually save affiliate marketers from commission hijacking, driving more traffic with a better url and having a centralise location to all your affiliate login url's, username and password !

Download Affiliate Redirector HERE.


  1. great software :-)
    I was looking for something like that to make my affiliate link looks less promotional

    thank you for sharing