The number of people that are hesitant to spend their money online is quickly declining, and
purchasing anything online is rapidly becoming the "norm". With more and more companies popping up on the web every day, it's tough to know which companies to trust and which ones not to.

Let's face it, a company is only as good as its products and its return policy.

And ClickBank knows that...

With ClickBank currently providing their affiliates the opportunity to sell the wares of over 5,000 vendors, there is no way for them to keep all the companies in check......but their
policies can.

ClickBank offers a 60-day 100% no-questions guarantee on each and every one of the
products sold by all of their vendors.

That's right, 60-days!

I know, now you're asking :

"but what's to stop a person from buying an ebook and getting a refund right away?"

Some vendors (like 1stPromotion) can disable their products if refunded, others can detect if
they are still being used and take appropriate action.

Of course, ClickBank strongly prohibits the theft of information products, and maintains a nuisance list of people that habitually purchase and then refund products . They lock them and their credit cards right out of the system. If they're a nuisance, it isn't for long.

Most buyers are good honest people like you and I, and the systems in check seem to keep cheaters to a minimum.

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