This plan is a basic plan to set up your business as fast as possible by buying resell rights to a product and making money by selling it. I will simply give you a simple yet profitable plan you can easily follow. Let’s get started...

Step 1: Get a payment processor to accept online payments

This is very important, as most of your customers will be paying by credit card. And the best part is, this can be done for free and in as little as a few minutes.

The best and most popular online payment processor is paypal. Paypal enables you to accept credit card payments as well as e-checks and paypal transfers directly to your paypal account.

You can sign up for paypal for free at , this will only take a few minutes!

Other good online payment processors are :

Step 2: Get web hosting and domain name

You need web hosting in order to upload your website to the internet. You will have to pay a monthly fee in order to have your website on the internet, but that fee can be as low as $10 a month. Got to 1and1 to get cheap and affordable hosting at :

You need a domain name to have a small and professional web address that people can easily remember and visit your site any time they like.

A domain name looks like this: and usually ends in .com , .net , .org , .tv

Go to to register your domain name for under $10 per year!

Step 3: Buy Resell rights!

You will get more info on what too look for in resell rights later on in this e-book. As for places to find good resell right products to buy, you can go to : - go to the warrior special offer section to choose from many available products you can buy resell rights to. – you can get Master Resell Rights to a set of high end educational video products at once on this might be a bit pricy for some, but it is worth the return on invesment.

There are many more websites selling resell rights on the internet, but the above are some of the best options currently available to someone looking to buy resell rights to high quality products.

Step 4: Upload the product to the internet

Once you get your hands on resell rights to a product you want to sell. The next step is to upload it to the internet and set up the payment processor.

This is the reason you need web hosting and a domain name. You need the hosting to upload the mini site and sales letter that comes with the resell rights you just bought, and the domain name will be the web address to your new website.

Uploading a website is very easy, but if you have trouble there are hundreds of people that can do it for you. You can either go to the warrior forum and pay someone to do it for you or ask one of your friends... either way, you can easily find someone to do it for you (for a small price, or even fro free)

Step 5: Start PPC advertising!

This e-book covers many different ways you can drive traffic to your website. But the absolute fastest and easiest way to start driving high quality, targeted traffic to your website is to start Pay Per Click advertising!

Here is why PPC advertising is the fastest, easiest and in some cases the most profitable way to start advertising your website:

• PPC advertising allows you to start driving highly targeted traffic almost instantly. All you have to do is open up an overture or adwords account, select your key words and you’ll be getting traffic within a few minutes.

• With PPC advertising, you only pay every time someone clicks on your ad and actually visits your website.

• PPC advertising is highly targeted, because you choose who sees your ad. This is done by selecting key words that are related to your topic. Your ad will show up only when someone actually searches for a key word you have chosen.

So what do you need to do to start PPC advertising?

Get a FREE course on Google Adwords HERE.
And go to or to sign up and start advertising.

And that’s it!

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