As an affiliate marketing opportunity the national eBay marketplaces remain exceptional in terms of both the width of the opportunity they present and potential for profit that marketing eBay listed products holds and it's only in the past year that this opportunity has really begun to be seriously explored by the mainstream “make money online” / “internet marketing” community as a whole.

Buy a Niche Store has been both a catalyst of and the tool of choice for this exploration.

Why eBay works from an affiliate marketers perspective can be summarized into 4 points :

1. Width Of Product Inventory

The popularity of eBay as a place to sell means the collective eBay product inventory is huge. As an ebay affiliate this means you can market products to virtually any online niche.

2. Competitive Product Pricing

The eBay marketplace format keeps product prices low as sellers compete to attract buyers. Low prices provide an incentive to buy and hence help the eBay affiliate convert browser to buyer.

3. Great Branding

eBay has done all the ground work for us by providing a safe and trusted marketplace for buying and selling products. Great branding and a developed platform means easier conversion for the eBay affiliate.

4. Substantial Affiliate Payouts

The eBay affiliate programs are highly incentivized in order to attract talented affiliate marketers. Great affiliate payouts equals a great opportunity to build income by connecting people to eBay.


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