Solomon Huey has released a brand new product called “Zero to Internet Marketing Hero”. He is also the owner of two free advertising websites, EliteSafelist and FastActionAds.

Solomon explains how you can start networking today, even if you are a complete newbie and don’t know how to make money online.

He gives you several strategies you can use to get your foot in the door and how to get noticed by some big internet marketers today. Being a newcomer himself, he understands how difficult it can be to try and make connections when you don’t know much or are still learning. The methods he explains make sense and helps to give you positive exposure.

He also gives you lots of little extra tips that help out a lot, such as how to network intelligently, and even get some free exposure for your business.

But the most important thing is he tells you is how to actually get help from people that are making money and where to find them! This is incredibly valuable information, because reading about how to do something is not the same as getting help directly from experts who are actually making money.

Even better, the price is right. Solomon Huey’s report, “Zero to Internet Marketing Hero” is absolutely free. You even get a free splash page that you can use to promote his report and earn money at his website.

You also have the option to upgrade your account, which will give you access to 3 pre-made squeeze pages you can use to build your mailing list! They are also customizable so you can put your own autoresponder form and your own header and bullet points.

Upgrading will also get you a pre-made autoresponder series, so you can immediately start promoting other programs to earn extra cash on the side.

Finally, as an upgraded member you can rebrand the report with your own affiliate links, turning into your own viral cash producing report!

Zero to Internet Marketing Hero” is a very good report that explains how to network online, and do it well. Plus the extras you get for upgrading will help you build your business even if you’re brand new.

Get your free copy of “Zero to Internet Marketing Hero”, it’s worth it!

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