Identifying an existing demand for your online business is absolutely CRUCIAL to any chances for success. Whatever your product or service is, finding the niche market to sell it in is just not enough. You may be lucky and strike a gold mine, but chances are that your shot in the dark will be a bad one. It's better to take the time to analyse the demand for a particular product or service before you place that product for sale.

This is one of those areas of business where you are going to have to do some research to get what you want. So, to better serve your purpose, it would be helpful to first come up with a list of the different niches you are considering. Once you have the list, make a plan for how you intend to do your research. A comparison of the results between the niches you research will give you an idea of which ones will offer the BEST chances for success.

At the forums/discussions as mentioned in the earlier posting, get a feel for what people are talking about while you participate. Look for people making comments about something they are looking for but just cannot seem to find. This will often help you to come up with a starting point for further research.

Tools exist on the Internet which can assist you in your research. Through these tools you can enter keywords and search phrases. The tool will give you the number of times in a given period that those searches were done. Another way is to look at the number of clicks. Clicks and hits are great ways to find out just how much demand there is for the niche you are researching. The greater the number, usually the greater the demand is for the products or services in that niche.

Other tools allow you to find out how many visitors there are to a site. You will want to do this when you find a niche where you have realised that theyre are very few sites in operation. The reason is that there could be a few sites because the demand is low in that niche.

To determine the demand, you need data on the number of searches,number of visitors to these sites. If the sites are not getting much traffic, you may consider looking at other ways as this is probably not a hot market to enter.If you do your research, chances are that you will find a few great opportunities, and many not-so-great ones as well. This is where you can make a good decision about what niche to enter, and avoid that dangerous shot in the dark.

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