A quick look at ClickBank web page states there are over 10,000 vendors and over 100,000 affiliates. The ClickBank system is a dream situation for anyone looking to market digital products online. Easy setup and approval AND the best part there are over 100,000 affiliates who want to promote other people products. So essentially you have a built in sales force.

What most of these 10,000 ClickBank vendors fail to realize is that just because your product is part of the ClickBank marketplace - it does not mean that affiliates are going to run to you in droves and promote your product. What separates the products that are heavily promoted from those that barely see the light of day, boils down to two factors:

1 - The product salespage's conversion rate - the percentage of visitors who purchase after reading the salespage

When a visitor comes to a webpage their decision on whether to purchase a product has a lot to do with how effectively the product is presented and sold. The product must solve a problem for the visitor and the benefits to that visitor if they purchase the product must be adaquately explained and understood. Typically a useful product with a well written salespage should convert 2-3% of the targeted visitors. If a websites conversion rates a much lower than this - it becomes very difficult for affiliates to spend the time and money to promote the product - the Return on Investment is simply not there.

2 - The marketing and promotion tools provided by the vendor - banners, emails, subject lines, etc.

Ask a professional mechanic to fix your car but only give him a hammer and and a screwdriver - and he will tell you flat out he won't do it. The mechanic has to have his full compliment of tools in order to fix your car. A quick look at the ClickBank marketplace will reveal that the nearly 75% of the vendors don't even provide their affiliates with any marketing tools. And it is also quite apparent that the most successful vendors do provide multiple promotion tools to thier affiliates. When you provide your affiliates with a full compliment of marketing tools, such as tell-a-friend scripts, emails, signature lines, banners, etc. you then provide multiple channels and methods for the affiliates to promote your website.

Understanding the metrics of your salespage - sales/visitors - and continually testing and striving to increase these, and developing multi-channeled marketing and promotion tools for your affiliates, are the two main factors that anyone selling a product with ClickBank or really any product online should keep your focus on. You want to develop the mindset of what you can do each day to increase your sales and cultivate your sales force (affiliates) relationships. Constant communications and notifying your affiliates of sales will keep your product at the top of their mind.

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